Dr. Franklin Rose Media Appearances

See Dr. Franklin Rose on the Dr. Phil ShowAndersonCNNEntertainment TonightABC Prime-time with Lisa Ling,Inside EditionNightlineE! Entertainment NewsAccess HollywoodThe Wall Street JournalThe National EnquirerUSA TodayNY Daily NewsCosmopolitan,  Us WeeklyIn TouchAllureStar and Life & Style Magazines


TV Appearances

Other Media Stories

  • KPRC Inside Edition 6/24/04
  • MTV “I Want a Famous Face” Carmen Electra, 2006
  • MTV “I Want a Famous Face” Pamela Anderson, 2007
  • KRIV FOX Fox 26 news at 8 8/2/06
  • KRIV FOX Fox 26 news at 9 3/1/06
  • Inside Edition -West 12/9/05
  • Inside Edition Weekend West 12/4/05
  • ABC Show 13 Eyewitness News at 6PM
  • KRIV FOX Fox 26 News at 6AM 5/11/10
  • Channel 39 News – Lipodissolve
  • KRIV FOX Fox 26 News – Erica Rose
  • KRIV FOX Fox 26 News – High School Plastic Surgery
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